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20 Essential Joomla Extensions

Here are my picks for the most useful Joomla Extensions as of June 2011. Some of these are old but up to date extensions that I have been using for years, some are new kids on the block that are just too good to overlook.

Akeeba Backup

This gets installed on all of my websites bar none. Keep a regular backup of your website with Akeeba. One can make an archive of the website in the Joomla backend and download it in one file for future use.

The archive contains a complete Joomla installation so you can upload to a new server and install there. Also useful if you find yourself creating many similar websites with a standard base extension set. Just build the website, make an Akeeba backup and you have a template for future websites.

Akeeba Backup


A fantastic free javascript menu component supporting dropdowns. The commercial version is even better, supporting multiple js menu engines, ala suckerfish, transmenu, accordian menus, image menus, etc.

swMenuFree for Joomla

Easy Calc Check Plus or Security Images

These are both “captcha” extensions to help protect your forms against automated spam attacks. Easy Calc Check Plus provides an easy way to add a X + X = ? captcha to your website. Security Images is more advanced but often takes alot more configuration to get working well. Both are excellent components.

Easycalc for Joomla


This gets installed on EVERY website I create. Simply the best form building component out there. I generally like hand code my form’s HTML/CSS in an editor for the ultimate control, then insert it into Chronoforms. Once in there I use Chronoform’s email, validation and database storage capabilities to take the donkey work out of what is usually quite a pain (timewise) to implement.

ChronorForms is very powerful however. We’ve managed to build quite complex applications using this component alone as one has complete control to use php and javascript in one’s forms.

Chronoforms for Joomla

Quick Content

There’s nothing worse than starting a new website and having to build sections, categories and pages for a LOAD of content using the web interface. The web interface is great and easy to use but it’s not designed for adding in bulk all at once. That’s where Quick Content comes in handy.

This need little component will enable you to add sections, categories and articles very quickly. To enter a bunch of articles just go to the component. Type in the name, section, category, click on the Lorem Ipsum button to populate the content and tell it what menu to create. The click on the tick mark and the article is added. The fields all stay populated so that you can change, say the title or category and click again to add another article and corresponding menu item. Neat!

Quick Content for Joomla


The grandaddy of all document management extensions for Joomla. An oldie but a goodie.

DocMan Free for Joomla


A multi file uploader that is friendly enough for your clients to use. No need for clients to upload files one by one anymore.

jfu for Joomla


A web based file manager. For use during development only; this is way too powerful to leave on production website without some for of protection. Very handy for working with multiple files, chmodding files that the Apache or FTP users do not have ownership of (it can work in FTP mode or Web mode).

eXtplorer for Joomla

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

If I have one big complaint about the Joomla core it’s the lack of a fully featured, yet easy to use editor. TinyMCE is fine but it would be nice to be able to upload files and media, clean code and have advanced effects like lightboxes straight from the editor (without a need to use plugins). JCE gets installed on EVERY website I develop.

Joomla Content Editor


The Joomla core does not give readers any way to leave comments on your posts. If you are writing editorials or blog style posts this can be very useful. JComments adds WordPress like commenting functionality to your website and has a nice, easy to use administration interface in the backend to manage moderation, blacklists, bad word lists and settings.

JComments for Joomla


The built in Joomla SEF is fine but if you are serious about SEO a better tool is required. JoomSEF will SEF encode URLs for many popular Joomla extensions and gives full control over the URLs, Title and metadata for each post amongst other functionality. Essential if you are trying to optimise the search engine performance of certain areas of your website.

JoomSEF for Joomla


Developed by the good folks at Rocket Theme, one of the oldest Joomla Template/Extension clubs. This litte plugin adds some impressive lightbox functionality to your website by use of the Joomla plugin system. Just wrap text or images in the rokbox tag and the content will appear in a lightbox. Handy for YouTube & Vimeo vids.

RokBox Lightbox for Joomla

Frontpage Slideshow

One of the first commercial slideshows for Joomla. Plenty of effects and designs built in and it’s only 20 quid. One of the few commercial components in here. Made by Fotis and the other good folks at JoomlaWorks. You’ll probably have noticed that I make extensive use of JoomlaWorks extensions.

Frontpage Slideshow for Joomla

Tabs n Slides

Another JoomlaWorks extension. This one can turn a flat page into multi-slide or multi-tabbed page.

Tabs n Slides for Joomla

Easy SQL

Don’t lesbian porn pics have quick access to phpmyadmin? Install this component and you will be able to run SQL statements in a simple query editor in your backend. Very powerful. Again this is not really suitable for production websites – just use during development and remove it.

Easy SQL for Joomla

JNews cartoon porn (formerly acajoom)

The BEST mailing list manager and mailer for Joomla. Allow users to sign up to mailing lists on your websites, manage multiple mailing lists, manage templates for each list, create attractive html emails, mass mail your subscribers and track views. This mailer has an extensive feature list which I won’t go into here. One of my favourite extensions for online shops and news sites. Simple to use yet VERY powerful (even the free version).

The commercial versions add scheduled mailings and auto-newsletters based on templates. Excellent support provided (very responsive devs at Joobi).

JNews mailer for Joomla

Simple Image Gallery

Another Joomlaworks extension. Throw a bunch of images into a folder and reference it on your page. The plugin will automatically create a nice lightbox style gallery on the page. Supports captions and descriptions via a text file and multiple lightbox styles. Commercial version has extra styles.

Simple Image Gallery for Joomla

Ultimate Content Display

A nice module that I sometimes use to create a sort of Ajax content fade (like a news ticker but with full paragraphs of text and images). Very handy on sites with alot of content.

Ultimate Content Display


This one needs an entire post to itself. I’ll get around to that someday. K2 is a content construction kit for Joomla (think of the CCK in Drupal). At first glance it’s like the Category/Content manager from the core but one can give each category a completely different look and feel using templates. This makes it quite easy to make some categories display like a WordPress blog, others like a product catalogue and others like a news magazine.

It’s a big and involved piece of software though so you need to spend some time reading up on it before using it.

K2 Content Construction Kit for Joomla


Simply the best Online Shop for Joomla. For those of you familiar with osCommerce (which was the king of open source online shops for years) this will be like meeting an old friend rejuvinated.

Supports large shops with thousands of products. It has categories, specials, coupons, multiple shipping configuration, tax zones, tonnes of payment gateways, invoicing, receipts, notifications, tracking and account history, inventory management and more.

Also lesbian sex not a simple piece of software; one needs to spend some time learning the system and be prepared for a decent amount of configuration and administration.

Virtuemart Online Shop for Joomla

Advanced Module Manager

This teen celebrity porn is just one of those components that makes like a little bit easier for us developers and for end clients. It replaces the core’s module manager, adds filters, ACL and triggers.

With mobile porn this one can see what modules are displayed on certain pages (via the Menu filter) and even show/hide modules based on user type or based on actual user IDs. Very handy.

Advanced Module Manager for Joomla

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  • Thank you for sharing your experience here. I really like it.

  • Thanks for your input – I’m looking for a decent commenter module for Joomla. I will definetly look into Jcomment, as well as the other extensions you mention.

  • jSecure hides your Joomla administrator URL with a special key so that only you can access. The problem with Joomla is that anyone can tell if your site is Joomla by simply typing in the default URL to the administration area (i.e. http://www.yoursite.com/administrator). jSecure helps you hide the fact that your website is built with Joomla from prying eyes.

    Check out jSecure in action here: http://www.joomlaserviceprovider.com/

    • My apologies for not including jSecure – not sure how I missed this one as I have used it on quite a few sites since 1.5 and it is excellent. A good way to obfuscate the administrator url. The ip blacklist and logs are also very useful. I have posted it on the security post here. http://www.cmsbloke.com/more-on-joomla-security/ Thanks!

      • Thank you for adding jSecure Authentication to your block

  • jLocator provides rich interface to search and display locations using Google Map API.Supports the feature of customized and diffrent markers for diffrent location and multiple views.

    jLocator provides easy to use interface for searching location, zip code, area code and provides Google map to display the locations.

    * Full Google Maps integration
    * Zip code/Postal code perimeter search
    * A plugin so you can display locations in articles
    * Includes a jLocator module
    * No need to enter LAT/LONG info
    And much much more…

    Check out jLocator here: http://www.joomlaserviceprovider.com/component/docman/doc_details/14-jlocator.html

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  • Nice list. Here’s a great extension from ClickDesk for live chat and helpdesk – http://www.clickdesk.com/joomla-live-chat.jsp

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